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Here at BigDialog.org we’ve grown sick and tired of all the major news outlets. Nearly every time you turn on the television or read the news you are stuck with heavily opinionated, one-sided “reporting” which pushes an agenda. If there isn’t an agenda being pushed on the news, the news usually consists of some pointless event like a cat getting stuck in a tree. Nobody in the news asks hard questions or actually digs in and researches stories like they used to.

Most reporting these days consists of regurgitating what others have said without adding any new facts (much less checking if facts are true in the first place). Most reporters today put in less research than the average third grader, and somehow they receive a large audience on tv or the web. The worst part about this terrible reporting is that the average person will believe everything that they watch or read, so terrible reporting is breeding a society of ill-informed people.

BigDialog.com was created to not only call out shoddy, obviously one-sided reporting, but to also ask bigger, more important questions and create a discussion about those topics.

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