Stop Choosing Unproven Plumbers

Last week my friend just finished a large plumbing project at his warehouse in Los Angeles. I’m actually surprised the project is actually finished, because he’s been having a ton of problems and something that initially should have taken a few weeks dragged on for months.

The Problem With Cheap Plumbers

My friend initially chose a plumber after filling out a request on a website, and he decided to choose the one who offered the lowest price, and he thought he’d be saving a few thousand dollars. The problem is that the plumbing company that he chose had no idea what they were doing. It seemed like every day the plumbing company would come up with another problem and the price would go up. This went on for more than 3 months, and the entire project was only supposed to take about four months.

Finding a Quality Plumber

After the project dragged on for much longer than it should have my friend got fed up and fired the plumbing company. My friend asked me if I had used any good plumbers in Los Angeles, and I haven’t ever hired a plumber in LA before, but I recommended him to Proven Plumbers, because that’s where I found my plumber in San Diego. Within a few weeks his project was finally completed, and he called me yesterday to thank me for referring him to

Proven Plumbers makes sure that every company listed is fully licensed and insured, and while you can still have plumbing issues, the chances of running into problems are much lower. Websites that focus on local quality contractors have been growing more and more popular each time a customer gets ripped off.

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