Dear Government – Stop Advertising Your Shitty Programs

Last night I was trying to watch LeBron James destroy the Indiana Pacers and I got blindsided by an ad for the US Postal Service. I didn’t really pay attention because the ad, just like most government programs, sucked. Not only is it bad enough that the US Postal Service loses billions of dollars every quarter (maybe it has something to do with advertising on prime time tv), but I have to sit through their terrible advertising campaign as well. I know about the USPS. I have to walk out to my mailbox every day to collect the 30-40 pieces of junk mail that I get that offer me a million dollars or whatever the scam of the week is.

If you are losing billions of dollars every year I guess what’s a couple more million on some tv ads? Hey, If I could spend other peoples money and get away with it I would too.

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